Winston W. Scott Jr. “ Scotty”, 1935-2018

By Paul Berge.

Winston W. Scott Jr. “ Scotty”  callsign K0TEP and a DSES lifetime member died Feb 2, 2018.

Scotty was a true gentleman and a scholar.

He was born in Escondido, Ca in 1935. He earned an Electrical Engineering (EE) degree at UC Berkeley and was employed by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in Boulder in the Electromagnetic Engineering Lab for many years.

He was the sole inventor of an RF amp-meter patented while he worked there. His work included papers published in the IEEE Proceedings.

Scotty married Barbara in 1959 and they raised four daughters. After more than 50 years of marriage Barbara died in 2017.

Scotty was aware of the work done by NBS at the Table Mountain Field Site, which included thunderstorm detection, over the horizon radar, tropospheric-scatter, and he also knew that the 18 meter dishes were abandoned.

DSES was founded by engineers Jan King and Rex Craig, Scotty’s son-in-law (also at NBS/NIST), who were working on AMSAT micro-satellites. They were able to convince the Department of Commerce that letting this amateur group use an 18 meter dish on Table Mountain was a good idea.

Scotty provided inspiration, interest, and funding to help launch and sustain DSES on Table Mountain for many years.

After his work at NBS, Scotty co-founded Laerie Inc. in Berthoud, CO, a successful business specializing in repair calibration and certification of test and measurement equipment.

Scotty was a kind and generous man who is being missed by all who knew him. DSES probably wouldn’t have existed without him.

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