2020-07-13 DSES Engineering and Ops Meeting Notes

Welcome to the July DSES Engineering and Ops meeting

2020-07-13 DSES Engineering and Ops Meeting Notes:                                                  by Bill Miller

We had x participants in the virtual engineering meeting today:  Thanks everyone for joining.

Participants: Dr. Rich Russel,  Wallace A. Ritchie (WU1Y, Deland, FL), Ray Uberecken, Ted Cline, Mike Otte, Tony Bigbee,  Bob Sayers, Jonathan Ayers, Fred Brandeberry, Ed Corn, Gary Agranat, Bob Haggart, Jon Richardson, Phil Gage, Don Latham, Bill Miller

Agenda and notes;

  1. Check In
  2. Latest Treasures Report from Myron Babcock.  The current checking is $1707.69;  Savings:  $5741.95.  
  3. Discussion of policy on site installs and changes.  Problems and conflicts.
    1. Communicate
    1. Engineering Meeting
    1. Discuss with Original Party
  4. Latest  observing trip summary
  • System 1 Status from Glenn Davis

Hi Bill,

I won’t be able to make it to this evening’s meeting; I have a late afternoon appointment. Anyway … I just wanted to give you some System 1 development status. Phil and I have completed software development for this version of the automatic tracking software. Phil has completed the software which allows the movement of the limit hardware. Lewis has completed integration of the automatic tracking hardware and has returned the hardware to me for some final testing (See Attached Photos). I’m currently testing the tracking software with the integrated hardware. I should have this finished by the end of the week. Lewis and my plans are to go down to Haswell sometime mid-week next week to check out the new hardware and software and to see if we can actually automatically track an object. We will be going down in separate cars and will be wearing masks when we’re working in the trailer. Our plans are to test the new system, then return the site to it’s original configuration. It should be exciting to see if the new System 1 hardware/software works …


Last site work trip summary.


Zoom Meeting Recording: Start Time : Jul 13, 2020 05:30 PM  My apologies for missing the first 10 minutes of the recording on Zoom.  The above notes cover that missing recording


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