Report of August 7, 2016 Plishner Site Trip

Steve and I (Ed) made a work trip to Plishner Sunday 8-7-16. There were several changes in schedules this weekend, but Steve and I decided to go down and get done what we could.

We arrived at 10:00 AM, opened the bunker and it was dry. The big trash can out side of the comm trailer had .3 to .5 inches of water in it, less whatever had evaporated.

Steve power loaded the 160 meter dipole at the bunker on all bands, so the raised height has helped. Given Steve could load the 160 dipole, he did not use the 80 meter dipole. He will load and prune that at a later date.

Steve then checked the voltages at each battery pack and compared them to their read outs. The delta on the bunker voltage meter is 2.2 volts for full charge. A voltage reading on the others of 12.1 or better volts indicates 95%+ voltage charge.

Steve and I installed the second air conditioner in the comm trailer. With approximately 2 hrs of running both air conditioners, the inside temperature was 11 degrees below outside temperature. When using the air conditioners, you must keep the side door closed and limit in and out.

Steve took caliper measurements of the pass through hole in the top center of the pedestal for Dave.

I started investigating the 2 dead generator plugs in the comm trailer, and found they route into the mechanical area at the tongue end of trailer. I will investigate and fix next trip.

We ran the generator for approximately 6 hours with a short load and encountered no problems. We secured sight and left at 4 PM.


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