Antenna Work Site Trip – October 25, 2019 – Ed Corn and Steve Plock

By Ed Corn. Photos by Steve Plock.

Steve and I went to the project. We had perfect weather.

We got the messenger cable between the tower and dog house up, and we got the coax cables strapped to the cable. We dressed the cables in the bunker with the cable end for the Tribander at the radios. Steve turned the radios and made a contact with one of the islands (a 9Y, Trinidad and Tobago) on 15 meters. He also made a 20 meter contact with Mississippi. The Tribander is working well.

I put the batteries in the new CO detector and left it on the desk with the fire alarms. I will complete the install on the next trip down.

Steve has pictures of the messenger cable and the used gas grill he picked up. I fixed the grill’s electric igniter.

The messenger cable, added today, runs between the tower and the dog house. It keeps the coax cables for the antennas off the ground, and neatens the arrangement.
The grill brought by Steve, with fixing up by Steve and Ed.