Science Update 5-1-16

Radio JOVE Observations at the Plishner Radio Astronomy Observatory
Observational Period: February to April 2016
Analysis: Dr. Richard Russel

Radio Jove Configuration:

  • 20.1 MHz Receiver
  • Dual Dipole at 15 ft. oriented East-West with a 90 degree phase delay on South Dipole
    1. South dipole feed line was eaten through.
    2. North dipole feed line was damaged but intact – may have some degradation.
  • Radio Skypipe software with an audio feed from receiver
  • Latitude: 38: 45:28N Longitude: 103:16:50W
  • Power was lost around 6 April – due to primary DC-AC inverter failing
  • Note that the Sun has a dominant signature (Sunrise and Sunset times are documented)
  • Very few Jupiter related signatures were noted for this time period. This was probably related to the damaged antenna.

Recommended Follow Up Actions:

  • Compare Solar activity with Radio Jove activity. There appeared to have been enough gain on the antenna to get a good solar signature.

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