SARA Presentation by Skip Crilly: “Geographically-spaced Synchronized Signal Detection System”, June 11, 2018


“Geographically-spaced Synchronized Signal Detection System”, by Skip Crilly

This is Skip Crilly’s  presentation for his talk this month at the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers Annual Conference in Greenbank, West Virginia. The talk is an update of earlier presentations about Skip’s work establishing joint observations by the DSES Plishner 60-foot antenna in Haswell, CO and the 40 foot antenna dish at the Greenbank Observatory in West Virginia.

Also attending this conference from DSES are Dr. Rich Russel and Ray Uberecken.

Dr. Russel will be presenting two papers at the conference:

“Galactic Navigation Position Data Using Interstellar Medium HI Velocity Measurements”
“Earth’s Orbital Position Using Galactic HI Interstellar Medium Velocity Measurements”